Key Projects


The CACTUS programme is an elite 8 week leadership and life skills training programme for young people, aged between 12 to 18 years of age. It is run through Wairoa College with several groups graduating each year.

Destination Playground Project

After being a dream of the local community for a number of years, Wairoa is on track to achieve its Destination Playground in time for the 2016/17 summer.

The Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award

The Wairoa Young Achievers Trust is one of around 700 organisations licensed to operate the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Hillary Award in New Zealand.


NEET Youth ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’ aims to re-engage this group in society in one of the for mentioned activities and is continuing to produce exciting outcomes for Wairoa’s young people.

Other Major Projects

The Wairoa Young Achievers Trust has been involved in initiating and collaborating on a range of projects to support and strengthen individuals and agencies in Wairoa.

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