Who We Are

Working for the youth of Wairoa district is the focus of The Wairoa Young Achievers Trust.

The Trust was established in 2004 with an original emphasis on sporting achievements. This broadened in 2010 when responsibility for the successful CACTUS (Combined Adolescent Training Unit and Support) programme came under the Trust’s mantle.

Current trustees have continued to develop activities further, to cater to the needs of a wider spectrum of youth and to proactively provide a range of opportunities across sport, academia, the arts and life skills.

The formal objectives of the trust are to:

  • Work with local, regional and central government organisations and other social service providers to ensure services enhance the social, economic, cultural and environmental development of Wairoa youth
  • Work with the education sector, government and other supporting agencies to create a more entrepreneurial attitude amongst young people
  • Encourage a community where business, social and environmental agencies work together to leave a legacy for the next generation
  • Encourage an environment that enhances training and employment opportunities for young people and
  • Strengthen the capacity of young people to enter into activities that contribute positively to the Wairoa Community and society in general

“Unquestionably the youth of Wairoa are our future”

“They make up a significant part of our community at 38% of our total population. They have the same rights as everyone else, especially to live fulfilling lives. Young people offer high levels of energy and ability and frequently make positive contributions to the Wairoa district and it is everyone’s job to ensure this continues. We need to encourage positive initiatives that support youth and their development with a view to young people being successful”

Wairoa Young Achievers Trust Chairperson, James Baty

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